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This is a list of notable celebrities who were either born in, or who have lived in, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bill Gates (Founder, Microsoft)

Edmund G. Ross (b.1826 - newspaperman, U.S. Senator)

Clyde Tingley (b.1882 - politician, NM Governor)

George J. Maloof, Sr. (b.1903 - businessman, banker, NBA team owner)

Clinton P. Anderson (b.1895 - politician, U.S. Senator)

Ernie Pyle (b.1900 - famous WWII correspondent)

Tony Hillerman (b.1925 - fiction author)

Bill Daily (b.1928 - actor and comedian)

Ben Abruzzo (b.1930 - record setting balloonist)

Fred Saberhagen (b.1930, Chicago, Illinois - science fiction author)

Pete Domenici (b.1932 - U.S. Senator)

Bobby Unser (b.1934 - race car driver)

Maxie Anderson (b.1934 - record setting balloonist)

Rudolfo Anaya (b.1937 - fiction author)

Don Perkins (b.1938 - NFL running back)

Al Unser Sr. (b.1939 - race car driver)

Cissy King (b.1946 - featured performer - The Lawrence Welk Show)

John Baker (?b.1948? - runner, running coach, subject of "A Shining Season")

Randy Castillo (b. 1950- drummer,artist)

Sidney Gutierrez-(b.1951 - Shuttle Astronaut)

Tito Landrum (b.1954, Joplin, Missouri - major league baseball player)

Joe Maloof (?b.1955? - casino developer, NBA team president)

Gavin Maloof (?b.1956? - casino developer, NBA team vice president)

Jay Roach (b.1957 - director, producer)

Ronnie Lott (b.1959 - NFL defensive back)

Barbara Edwards (b.1960 - chosen Playmate of the Month for Sept. 1983 and Playmate of the Year for 1984)

Mike Judge (b.1962 - animator, actor and writer)

Al Unser Jr. (b.1962 - race car driver)

Jim Everett (b.1963 - NFL quarterback)

Beth Moore-Love (b.1964 - Unpop artist)

French Stewart (b.1964 - actor)

Jeff Bezos (b.1964 - founder)

Kate Snow (?b.? - ABC and CNN News Anchor)

Johnny Tapia (b.1967 - world champion boxer)

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (b.1969 - fiction author)

Trent Dimas (b.1970 - Olympic gold medallist)

Notah Begay III (b.1972 - PGA golfer)

Neil Patrick Harris (b.1973 - actor)

Danny Romero (b.1974 - world champion boxer)

The Shins (Indie rock band)

The Pajama Men (Improv/Sketch Comedy Duo)

Amy Linton (of the band The Aislers Set)

Steve-O (b.1974 - actor, Jackass)

Xzibit (b.1974 - rap artist and television host)

Freddie Prinze, Jr. (b.1976 - actor)

J. Sanchez (b.1972- producer, race car driver, business man)

Don McIver (b. 1965- poet, producer)

Matthew O'Neill (b. 1969- poet, activist, lawyer)

Chris Federico (b. 1972- poet, author, music authority)

Eric Chamberlain (b. 1971- musician)

Karen Conniff (b. 1953- well-known entomologist)

Don Schrader (b. 1945- local celebrity, public access tv host, activist)

Nathan Lloyd Braun (Christian vegetarian/polygamist theologian)

Scott Mabe Born 1962 Musician

Bob Foster (b. 1938- world's light-hevy weight boxing champion from 1968 to 1974)

Derek Chavez (b.1990- Country singer)


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