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Turquoise Museum
The Turquoise Museum features a mine tunnel replica highlighting rare and spectacular turquoise specimens from around the world.
Address: 2107 Central Ave NW Albuquerque NM USA 87104
Phone: 1 505 247-8650

National Atomic Museum
Learn all about the nuclear era, from past to present. Observe both viewpoints of nuclear weapons, their evil and peaceful intents. Discover the inventors and contributors of the nuclear age. Admission is free of charge.
Address: 1905 Mountain Road NW Albuquerque NM USA 87104
Phone: 1 505 245-2137

National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico
This center is a tribute to the Hispanic people of the southwest United States, highlighting their contributions in visual and the performing arts. Performances and film screenings take place throughout the year.
Address: 1701 4th SW Albuquerque NM USA 87102
Phone: 1 505 246-2261

Wheels Museum
Non-profit organization runs purely by volunteers. The museum shows the history of transportation, back when trains were commonly used. Learn all about the history of the steam engine. Purchase gifts from the Wheels Museum Gift Shop.
Phone: 1 505 243-6269

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
Located at the University of New Mexico, the museum holds over ten million items. There is a large skeletal collection from all around the world. The constantly changing exhibits range from the Southwest, the Americas and the rest of the world.
Address: Maxwell Museum at UNM Albuquerque NM 87131
Phone: 1 505 277-4405

Casa San Ysidro
The Casa San Ysidro is a replica of a colonial Rancho house from the mid-19th century. Buildings on the site include a small chapel, a plaza and a corral area. Tours can be arranged by appointment.
Address: Corrales NM USA
Phone: 1 505 898-3915

This museum houses Ross Ward's collection of hand carved wooden figurines in an old-fashioned western frontier setting. These figurines come to life in a comcial and entertaining animated display.
Address: 121 Sandia Crest Road Albuquerque NM USA 87047
Phone: 1 505 281-5233

Museum of Archaeology and Material Culture
This museum covers the natural history of the New Mexico region, encomapssing the period of its occupation by humans 12,000 years ago to the 19th century. Exhibits include Native American artifacts, semi-precious turquoise, and fossils from the region.
Address: 22 Calvary Rd Cedar Crest NM USA 87008
Phone: 1 505 281-4745

New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum and Study Center
This museum aims to combate hate and intolerance. It covers this history of the Holocaust during World War II including exhibits from survivors and replicas of concentration camp facilities. Exhibits from other genocides throughout history are also on display.
Address: 415 Central Avenue NW Albuquerque NM USA 87102
Phone: 1 505 247-0606

American International Rattlesnake Museum (Old Town)
Learn all there is to know about rattlesnakes. Know the true facts about snakebites, venom, rattles, fangs and more. Examine the extravagant gift shop. Large groups are permitted to visit. Read all the facts and see the amazing pictures.
Phone: 1 505 242-6569

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History
Contains art, history and culture of the Southwest. The museum aids to protect historic sites and works of art. They also wish to educate and encourage artists. Admission is free of charge, and the facilities are wheelchair accessible.
Address: 2000 Mountain Road NW Albuquerque NM 87104
Phone: 1 505 243-7255

Unser Racing Museum
The Unser family is one of the most famous and prolific in the history of United States auto racing. This museum has exhibits on the four generations of racing Unsers with over 30 vehicles on display.
Address: 1776 Montano NW Albuquerque NM USA 87107
Phone: 1 505 344-1776

LodeStar Astronomy Center
Fly virtual science missions and view the first high-definition video imagery domed projection screen. A planetarium, with a real learning experience. View the sun, in the day, using a telescope with special filters.
Address: 1801 Mountain Road NW Albuquerque NM 87104
Phone: 1 505 272-7975

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
This hands-on museum, features an assortment of dinosaur artifacts, as well as the Extreme Screen DynaTheater and the Lodestar Astronomy Center.
Address: 1801 Mountain Rd NW Albuquerque NM USA 87104
Phone: 1 505 841-2800

Explora Science Center and Children's Museum
This is a truly hands-on museum, with activities and exhibits. There are animals, an art studio, artists wall, bubble zone, science of music and a weaving center. Children can participate in real science experiments, such as, can crush, liquid layers, balloon in a bottle and many more.
Address: 2100 Louisana NE, #98 Albuquerque NM 87110
Phone: 1 505 842-1537


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