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Past and Present Birmingham mayors

List of mayors of Birmingham, Alabama

Robert Henley, (Mayor 1871-1873)
J. R. Powell, (Mayor 1873-1875)
W. H. Morris, (Mayor 1875-1878)
H. M. Caldwell, (Mayor 1878)
Thomas Jeffers, (Mayor 1878-1882)
A. O. Lane, (Mayor 1882-1888, 1890-1892)
B. A. Thompson, (Mayor 1888-1890)
David J. Fox, (Mayor 1892-1894)
J. A. Van Hoose, (Mayor 1894-1896)
F. V. Evans, (Mayor 1896-1899)
W. M. Brennan, (Mayor 1899-1905)
George B. Ward, (Mayor 1905-1908, President of the Commission 1913-1917)
Frank P. O'Brien, (Mayor 1908-1910)
Culpepper Exum, (Mayor 1910-1913, President of the Commission 1913)
D. H. A. Barrett, (President of the Commission 1917-1921)
D. E. McClendon, (President of the Commission 1921-1925)
J. M. Jones, Jr., (President of the Commission 1935-1940)
Cooper Green, (President of the Commission 1940-1953)
J. W. Morgan, (President of the Commission 1953-1961)
Art Hanes, (President of the Commission 1961-1963)
Albert Boutwell, (Mayor 1963-1967)
George G. Siebels, Jr., (Mayor 1967-1975)
David Vann, (Mayor 1975-1979)
Richard Arrington Jr., (Mayor 1979-1999)
William A. Bell, (Interim Mayor 1999)
Bernard Kincaid, (Mayor 1999-present)


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